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What is the views of radio 2fun ?
Radio 2fun is a Bangladeshi online radio station. Its only one destination to spread the Bangladeshi culture worldwide.

What type of technical support radio 2fun have ?
Radio 2fun uses more than three powerful servers by which it can give coverage about 30 millions listeners worldwide. More than 5 Engineers are working to upgrade this radio station in every moment. Two well known radio technical companies are giving support for transmission regular. Radio 2fun has some talented web partners who are helping to bring new features in our net service. Our transmission system is so much efficient that users will not get any buffering while they are listening.

What are the special features for slow net users ?
Our auto bot service identifies the speed of the listeners. Auto bot service is for those people who are using slow internet connection. Auto bot makes a virtual memory system by which more than one minutes broadcasting program will be recorded in listeners PC. So they will not get any buffer as they are not facing any time delay. Those who are facing below 2KB download speed & below 16KBPS browsing speed they might have some problem like buffering. We suggest them to contact with the internet connection manager. These kind of connection will face difficulty in not only radio 2fun but also all kind of websites in internet.

Are you facing problems to hear radio 2fun ?
It can be occur for your player. Different listeners use different operating system. So, they have different types of player. We used windows media player in home page. If you are facing with this player then you should click on the "can't hear...." option which is located below the player. You will get different types of player there. Choose anyone which is suitable for you.

Is your radio switched off suddenly ?
Sometimes listeners can get this type of problem. This problem occurs for user's internet connection. If your internet speed falls down suddenly then your radio player will be switched off automatically. But this is not a major problem. Just refresh your page from your browser or click on the refresh option from your right click menu. You will be reconnected with radio again.

Are you facing sound problem ?
Click on the "can't listen radio...." option which has been located below the player. Select any player from there which is suitable for you.

You are not seeing any player ?
This problem occurs if you have not installed any player. We suggest you to install at least flash player in your pc. Apple product users should use "quick time" player if they are facing any problem.

If you are facing any others problem then contact with us at . Our net agents are ready to solve your problem any time. Live help are available daily 24hours. Thank you for being with us.

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